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Brain Mapping Sample Report

At the outset, let us take this opportunity to congratulate you for taking the decision of going for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence & Innate Analysis, Congratulations !

We strongly believe that every human being is born with an Inborn Talent and Multiple Intelligences and if one is able to identify his/her inborn talent then he/she can build upon it and can surely excel in life. However, most people fail to identify their inborn talent due to which they take wrong decisions in selecting their career and extra-curricular activities. This analysis will clearly highlight your inborn talent, multiple intelligences, preferred learning style, level of various quotients, personality trait and behavior, your strengths & weaknesses and also the way to develop the desired intelligence. This analysis discloses the inborn qualities, however, over a period of time, with great efforts one can acquire the desired skills but there will not be a great difference between inborn and acquired skills.

Handbook of Professional Careers After 10th & 12th Guidance

Psychometric Analyse Test

Multiple Intelligences Test – based on Howard Gardner’s MI Model.
1 = Mostly Disagree, 2 = Slightly Disagree, 3 = Slightly Agree, 4 = Mostly Agree.
Adults over 16 complete all questions. Young people between 8-16 answer red questions only.
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